5.North Silk Factory

The North Silk Factory is located on the south end of the old street on the east side of the river in the north district of Wuzhen. Four river piers are sited in front of the factory gates. The local state-owned enterprise Wuzhen North Silk Factory was built in 1970. After the Wuzhen Silk Factory was incorporated into the Wutong Silk Factory in 1999, the buildings were abandoned. In 2012, Wuzhen Tourism bought the old factory site and buildings. The company then engaged in protecting, renovating, and restoring those architecturally unique factory buildings, the windows and scaffolding in the silk reel floor, the peaked beams, the domed roofs, and the forty year-old palm trees, cypress trees, Chinese tallow trees, and plane trees.

The renovation of the Silk Factory preserved the structural space of the original factory buildings. Three new buildings were constructed on the south, west, and north sides of the original buildings, providing an entrance service space, an exhibition hall, a coffee shop and bookstore, a viewing platform, and a 21 meter-wide indoor exhibition space. The eight separate factory structures were linked together, thus providing a complete exhibition and service space.