The Lens | Bill Viola2016/3/21

Bill Viola

Tempest (Study for The Raft),?2005

Bill Viola (b. 1951, USA) is internationally recognized as a pioneer of video installation art. Viola has always used video to study and explore the spiritual world we cannot see; his work engages with essential and universal themes such as life, death, and the subconscious.

Tempest (Study for The Raft), 2005

Nineteen men and women of different racial and economic backgrounds are suddenly engulfed by a wave of water, as they hold onto each other to survive. Just as suddenly, the water stops, and the group of bewildered and exhausted people begin to recover. Some seem wide awake, some begin to cry, and still others seem terrified. Here, Viola uses high-speed film and a slow-motion lens to capture minute changes in color and light as the water crashes over the group.