Wang Xiaosong

Utopias/Heterotopias: Wuzhen International Contemporary Exhibition Curators

Wang Xiaosong was born in 1979 in Changyuan, China. He received his doctorate from the Chinese National Academy of Arts. He is currently engaged in post-doctoral research at the Institute of Exhibition Arts at the Tsinghua University Academy of Art and Design.

Wang has curated a number of exhibitions, including “Mapping, Illustrating, and Documenting the Art of He Xiangning: The Tenth Anniversary of the He Xiangning Art Museum” at He Xiangning Art Museum, “Hypallage: The Post-Modern Mode of Chinese Contemporary Art” at OCT Art and Design Gallery, “A Cross-Strait Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project” at He Xiangning Art Museum, “Xu Bing Forest Project” at He Xiangning Art Museum, “Asia Cruise: Evidence” at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, “Transforming” at Suzhuou Yucun Art Museum, and “Zhou Chunya: New Works” at the Macau Museum of Art. In addition to exhibitions, he has studied artists and compiled archives related to contemporary art, and he wrote a number of short articles during his time as a columnist for Chinese Contemporary Art News. His art criticism has been collected into a volume entitled Under the Line of Sight. He is particularly focused on the relationships between contemporary Chinese society and the cultural and intellectual changes that have taken place since the Ming and Qing periods. He is currently researching the material culture and visual mechanisms of the Westernization Movement.