Cheng Dapeng

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Cheng Dapeng was born in 1968 in Beijing, China. He graduated from the Department of Architecture at Tianjin University in 1990. In 2003, he established his own art institution focused on blending architecture and art.

As a contemporary architect, Cheng Dapeng has designed the Xi’an Museum of Contemporary Art and the Yungang Grottoes Museum. He has a deep connection with the social issues brought about by urbanization and modernization in China.  His most important large-scale urban installations include Weightlessness and Falling, which reflect the relationships between people and society and the unstoppable progress of urbanization. 

In 2012, Cheng became the first multidisciplinary architect to hold a large solo art exhibition at a major Chinese museum. His artwork has since been shown at a number of important international art exhibitions. In 2014, Cheng Dapeng was invited to create the large mechanical installation “AO” for the OpenART Biennial in Sweden.