John Kormeling

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John Kormeling was born 1951 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He studied architecture at the Technische Hogeschool in Eindhoven. He currently lives and works in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Kormeling's designs and realizations, which span visual art, architecture, urban and rural planning, and design, cannot be classified into a single realm of thought. Kormeling defines architecture in the broadest possible way: it involves all sorts of spaces, starting with the space inside one’s head. Furthermore, according to Ko?rmeling, cars and the infrastructure that accommodates them are the real determinants of a town's design. A town has to develop from its intersections; any town that turns its back on its roads becomes a ghost town. Kormeling’s projects, some totally unrealizable, are often very humorous.

John Kormeling occupies the no man’s land between architecture and art, giving him the freedom to approach both disciplines in an unorthodox way. He practices a kind of “conceptual” architecture that consistently probes the limits of thinking in spatial planning, urbanism, and architecture.